Honduras Campaign (es translation)


Lend Your Voice to Sharks

Ask us why.

Objective of our campaign:

To raise awareness and teach people the importance of sharks and rays in marine ecosystems. Our goal is for people to empathize with marine fauna and, above all, to ensure that you, the public, want to learn more about these animals and the importance of protecting them, especially as Honduras is the only Shark Sanctuary in the Central American region. Sharks, rays and many marine animals have a lot to say, but unlike you, they don’t have a voice that can be heard. That is why we ask you to lend your voice to sharks and rays and be part of something very big.

Our Audience:

We seek to reach the general population, decision- makers and fishers but with greater emphasis on the newest generations. We hope to create awareness in young people so that they know how important it is to protect endangered species. To accomplish this, educational workshops for children have been launched in the National Identity Museum MIN, as part of their EDUMIN project.



If you want to help to spread the message of our campaign, you can use our posters and share them on social media.

About MarAlliance:

MarAlliance explores, enables, and inspires positive changes in threatened marine fauna, their critical habitats and dependent human communities.

MarAlliance was founded in 2014 in Belize under the direction of Dr. Rachel Graham, who has lived in the Central American region for more than two decades, and therefore has extensive knowledge about the marine life of the region.

We work in several countries including Belize, Panama, Cape Verde, and Honduras and focus on several topics, including:

  • Conducting science for management and conservation
  • Assessing the effectiveness of marine protected areas
  • Encouraging behavior change
  • Developing skills in stakeholders 
  • and perhaps most importantly – Involving the public in marine conservation

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