Two generous donors have agreed to match all donations up to $15,000. By donating you double your impact for marine wildlife twice.


We recently discovered that Boavista, a beautiful island where the desert meets the sea in the country of Cabo Verde in West Africa, is home to Africa’s little known shark nurseries. It is also one of the last places in the world with healthy fish stocks because it is relatively remote and coastal fishing effort is low. Sharks of many species are born here and spend the first months or years of their lives in the warm shallow waters before moving offshore to populate other islands and countries. However, pressure from fishing is increasing and the shark pups, many of which are of species listed as endangered to extinction, are extremely vulnerable to overfishing by recreational and traditional fishers.

We need your help to boost protection for this oasis of the sea with its dependent communities and ensure the pups can gain strength before they start exploring the Atlantic ocean and play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the sea and its fish populations.

How will your contribution be used?

  • Build fishers’ knowledge and skills to identify, understand and protect shark nurseries
  • Identify economic alternatives for fishers to reduce unsustainable fishing on nursery grounds
  • Strengthen our monitoring work in the area, so we can pinpoint any declines in shark populations and act fast
  • Expand our outreach and education in coastal communities that focuses on marine wildlife biology and conservation through experiential learning

Locally engaging and led science is important to secure a future for sharks and rays. Here, traditional fisher Carlos Monteiro gently measures an endangered baby hammerhead from one of West Africa’s newly discovered shark nursery grounds. He then tags and releases it carefully back into shallow warm waters where we hope it will grow and move offshore and out of the nursery area once it becomes a “teenager”.

On site experiential science connects kids to the sea and marine wildlife. Through our education and outreach program we are keen to change perceptions and behaviors to foster greater stewardship of the sea and its animals.

Secure a future for baby sharks and shark nurseries and inspire their future stewards!