Catching and Releasing ‘Aba’ in the waters of the Darien, Panama

D‘Aba’ means “one” in the Emberá language spoken by the people that live in the remote Darien province and indigenous territories in eastern Panama. This was the name given by our team of fishers and MarAlliance Community Officer, Hayro Cunampio, to the first sawfish that they captured and released in May as part of our ongoing in-water monitoring in this region. Aba, a 130cm-long male largetooth sawfish (still a juvenile as this species doesn’t reach maturity until around 3m in length), is also the first sawfish captured by a research team in Central America in over 20 years.

WCN Virtual Spring Expo 2021

Dr. Rachel Graham and Megan Chevis share the story about the sawfish and how MarAlliance is working to bring this species back from the brink of extinction.

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