Malena Sarlo, MSc

National Coordinator, Panama

Malena is a conservation biologist with 15 years of experience in non-profits and multilaterals and a solid technical background developing and implementing programs and projects with science-based approaches. She seeks to implement solutions to ensure that healthy oceans, stable climate, marine biodiversity, and human communities are maintained and prosper.

As an active professional in environmental initiatives, with entrepreneurial spirit, she built a brand-new conservation program for Panama, she has supported policy and advisory bodies and fundraise more than USD 10 million for environmental projects for Panama. She has developed robust technical proposals to fundraise for environmental work in other countries.

She is actively involved in policy development, in a journey to obtain tangible and long-lasting results. Driven by impact, and in an effort to bring more holistic solutions to environmental issues, she has been working with the Development Agenda looking beyond conservation and into production.

Her passion is to help create a better world where nature and people can survive and thrive.