Kurt Godfrey “Mambo”

Fisher & Field Research Coordinator, Southern Belize

Kurt Godfrey, known locally as Mambo, grew up in the beautiful fishing village of Placencia, Belize. Mambo is a third generation fisher and has been a fly fishing guide for more than 35 years. Always interested in exploring new opportunities and adventures, Mambo is also the Vice Chairman of the Placencia Seaweed Farmers Association. However, the deep waters have always called to him, and he recently began reducing his tour guiding in order to explore the deep-sea fishes in southern Belize. He fishes the deeper waters for fish filet to sell, but also out of outright curiosity and love for the sea. Mambo began working with MarAlliance in 2015, when he was the captain for our first deep-water sharks and fish research project in southern Belize. He was excited to be part of this novel research, as it suits his curious nature and his ideas for conservation of Belize’s natural resources.