Rodrigo Donadi

Senior Research Officer

Although Rodrigo Donadi was born in Mexico City, he always felt a deep attraction for the ocean and its underwater realm.

Rodrigo is our Senior Research Officer in Panamá and holds a double major B.Sc. in Marine Biology and Spanish from Dalhousie University and a MSc (with honors) in Marine Environmental Management from the University of York, UK. After finalizing this bachelor’s degree studies, Rodrigo moved to Queensland, Australia, where he lived for two years studying Japanese ceramics, learning to surf, and working for a dive center, where he completed his PADI DiveMaster certification.

Living by the sea for the first time reignited his passion for ocean conservation, which eventually led him to join World Wildlife Fund as an intern in 2004, where he got the chance to collaborate on various initiatives including sea turtle conservation, fisheries bycatch work, and Amazon conservation.  From 2006 to 2008 Rodrigo managed the AREAS-Amazonia project, a large-scale initiative to generate key biological data for umbrella species such as white-lipped peccaries, greater macaws, and large felines (jaguars and pumas). Although he thoroughly enjoyed the experience of living in an ecological research station and fully immersed in the Peruvian Amazon, he still felt the calling of the sea… So, he moved to Panamá with his wife and their two children (two rowdy and nature-loving boys), where he worked and collaborated with various international NGOs and Development Agencies including WWF, Marviva, Conservation International, UNDP and UNEP, among others.