VR for Marine Conservation

Bringing marine wildlife directly to those who can best help guarantee their survival.


Inspiring the next generation of conservation heroes

Local communities often have no idea of the treasures right under the surface of their ocean. We want to change this.

We want to tell the stories of marine wildlife and those who are most in touch with it, like fishers and scientists, in a truly unforgettable way.

Through VR, children in Belize, Honduras, Panama, Mexico, Micronesia and Cabo Verde can experience for themselves what lies beneath the surface of their country’s waters.

Photo: MarAlliance’s Zeddy Seymour addresses a class in Cape Verde

1. The stories

Stories from across the tropics shot in 360º-3D show what it means to know, love and live off the ocean. These stories, together and as a whole, are designed to amaze, inspire and educate.


Lobster Fisheries: From Sea to Plate

In Belize, lobster fishing is a way of life. Yet the reality of the fisher’s work can be easily overlooked. Often, the fishermen realise the resource is finite and want a better future for their children.

This virtual reality film allows the fishers’ children to see, first hand, just what is required to fish—what their parents do for them. In doing so, it can become an incredibly powerful tool in passing the message of conservation from one generation to the next.


The Most Pristine Ocean Site

Cordelia Banks, the jewel of the Mesoamerican Reef and one of the best dive spots on Earth, is literally just off downtown Coxen Hole, main city of Roatán Island and Capital City of the Bay Islands Department of Honduras. Despite this, the children who go to school in downtown Coxen Hole know almost nothing about this dive site. 

This VR story will take children from their own schools all the way down the streets and into the ocean, guided by the MarAlliance Honduras Coordinator.


Local Sustainable Fisheries

Panama’s traditional fishing communities are unique and varied with two oceans, the Atlantic and Pacific, either side of the country and a fishing culture that goes back thousands of years. They rely on healthy marine ecosystems, yet they face increasing challenges: decrease in stocks, increasing pollution and unsustainable fishing.

From aerial shots of the iconic Panama Canal to the fish markets of Panama City… from inside a river canoe to underwater shots of the marvels of Panama’s marine ecosystems, this VR film will uncover Panama’s artisanal fisheries like never before.


Life at Sea

Fishers Zé Luís and Angelito take us on a journey linking fishing, biodiversity and their community.

From their fisher training days in Santiago to the exploitation of sharks and collapse of fisheries, leading to their work with MarAlliance, we see their journey towards positive change in their community.


Local Sustainable Fisheries

Different angle here.


Researching Marine Megafauna

Science angle.