Evaristo Muschamp

Pescador Asociado

Evaristo Muschamp has spent his entire life directly connected to the sea. He has 17 years of experience as a commercial fisherman.

Like many of the fishers in the MarAlliance team, Evaristo makes a living diving for lobster and conch in Belize. He is very passionate about this work, taking great pride in being a part of one of the oldest industries in the country. Evaristo finds his work a freeing and rewarding means of income, granting him access to beautiful, unique, and remote locations.

After many years of hearing about her work, Evaristo decided to join Dr. Rachel Graham in her effort to study local sharks and rays. He began working as a part of the shark survey in 2011, helping to catch and tag elasmobranchs along the Mesoamerican Reef. He likes getting to work with these wild animals while he learns more about their behaviors and biology through hands on research and has now traveled to Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras to work with large marine wildlife and train other fishers in long term monitoring methods.