Exson Alejandro Flores

escador Asociado y Coordinador de Comunidades

Exson was born in the community of Jutiapa in the department of Atlantida in the North Coast of Honduras. At the age of five, he and his family moved to the small fishing community of East End in Cayos Cochinos, a small archipelago a few kilometers from the Caribbean coast. Exson began fishing at the age of seven with his friends in the community, making fishing gear with whatever they found.

Today, Exson is a community leader in East End and is part of the community council in charge of the welfare of his people. Exson has a depth of experience working with marine biologists and has participated in several studies assessing the connectivity of parrotfish in the MesoAmerican Reef region as well as the reproduction of sea cucumbers in Cayos Cochinos. Exson joined MarAlliance in 2015 and is responsible for conducting Marine Megafauna monitoring and during this process training other artisanal fishers from the region. He is a devoted father and very passionate about marine conservation and vocal about the welfare of coastal communities, especially his beloved East End.