We secure a future for marine wildlife.

MarAlliance explores, enables and inspires conservation action for threatened marine wildlife and their critical habitats with dependent communities.

To do this, we create new knowledge by monitoring the abundance and characteristics of species in key sites. We train local fishermen to help us at sea and engage our local communities to obtain information on sightings of important species. We share this knowledge in many different formats to many different audiences, from the youngest audiences to politicians and other decision-makers. Through this, we hope to inspire a sense of wonder about the ocean, to promote sustainable tourism and to foster the effectiveness of marine protected areas.

Science for management and conservation

We work with stakeholders to identify the science needed to protect marine wildlife.

Monitoring the effectiveness of marine protected areas (MPAs)

Fully protected marine protected areas (MPAs) are one of the most important fish management methods in the conservation toolbox.

Building collaborations and networks

We believe in the power of many to tackle conservation needs. We build social capital for marine wildlife conservation...

Fostering behavioral change

Understanding the drivers of fishing and marine resource use is key to identifying management and conservation strategies.

Developing stakeholder skills

Creating a large cohort of marine wildlife stakeholders who can understand and conduct scientific research and monitoring is critical to sustaining conservation.

Engaging the public for marine conservation

The sea and its large marine wildlife need many champions to mitigate the many impacts of fisheries, climate change, pollution, and more.


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Date: 17th of December, 2023

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