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Allied For Marine Wildlife

MarAlliance explores, enables and inspires conservation action for threatened marine wildlife, their critical habitats and dependent human communities.



MarAlliance explores the tropical seas and conducts innovative and participatory science. We seek to answer key research questions and provide information to support the effective management and conservation of large marine wildlife and their critical habitats.



Successful and sustained conservation requires a committed constituency of empowered partners. MarAlliance is creating a network of talented practitioners to conduct marine science and both enable and evaluate conservation impact.



Creating champions for marine wildlife is key to the sustainability of populations of threatened species and the habitats they depend on. We inspire and engage the public to become informed, educated and enthusiastic advocates for the sea.

Explore, enable, inspire.

We care for threatened marine wildlife, their critical habitats and dependent human communities.

What we do

Spanning oceans.

Global issues require global efforts. We are currently active in nine locations around the world.

Where we work

So much in common.

A thirst for knowledge, respect for our natural environment and passion for all marine species.

Who we are

Latest News

Catching and Releasing ‘Aba’ in the waters of the Darien, Panama

‘Aba’ means “one” in the Emberá language spoken by the people that live in the remote Darien province and indigenous territories in eastern Panama. This was the name given by…

Fishing Down the Reef Slope

There is a common term in fisheries science that was popularized by Dr. Daniel Pauly and colleagues: “Fishing down the food web.” At its simplest, the phrase describes the phenomenon…

Message from the Executive Director

As the northern Hemisphere summer segways into fall we are grateful for a season that saw dynamic field work in full swing. We completed our large-scale fisheries independent assessments in…

Did Covid give sharks a break?

Over the past year, the internet was awash with stories of wildlife moving into urban areas and reoccupying sites where they had rarely or ever been seen previously. This led…

Catalyzing sustainable tourism in Panama’s Guna Yala Comarca

This past year will go down in history for the pandemic’s potent impact on people, travel and economies. Tourism, one of the most affected economic sectors due to widely enacted…

Should we stop eating fish?

The documentary Seaspiracy unfurled onto Netflix in March and has the internet awash with  discussion on the unhappy state of our oceans. The resulting discussion buzz, in a world with…

One Percent for the Planet

MarAlliance is a proud Nonprofit member of 1% For The Planet, the leading network connecting businesses, consumers, and nonprofits, empowering all of us to drive big, positive change.

Gold Seal

We believe in transparency and MarAlliance is pleased to have been awarded the Gold Seal in Transparency by Guidestar.