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Allied For Marine Wildlife

MarAlliance explores, enables and inspires positive change for threatened marine wildlife, their critical habitats and dependent human communities.



MarAlliance explores the tropical seas and conducts innovative and participatory science. We seek to answer key research questions and provide information to support the effective management and conservation of large marine wildlife and their critical habitats.



Successful and sustained conservation requires a committed constituency of empowered partners. MarAlliance is creating a network of talented practitioners to conduct marine science and both enable and evaluate conservation impact.



Creating champions for marine wildlife is key to the sustainability of populations of threatened species and the habitats they depend on. We inspire and engage the public to become informed, educated and enthusiastic advocates for the sea.

Explore, enable, inspire.

We care for threatened marine wildlife, their critical habitats and dependent human communities.

What we do

Spanning oceans.

Global issues require global efforts. We are currently active in nine locations around the world.

Where we work

So much in common.

A thirst for knowledge, respect for our natural environment and passion for all marine species.

Who we are

Latest News

Making a Net Difference to Sharks and Rays

Scalloped hammerhead caught in a fishing net. Photo: Brian Skerry Traditional fishers in Belize were the first to see the losses in Belize’s fish and coastal wildlife that followed the…

MarAlliance at WCN’s Virtual Spring Expo

MarAlliance was recently at WCN’s Virtual Spring Expo. The latest video highlighting some of our work in Cabo Verde produced by Uproar was premiered in London this month. An abbreviated…

What would you like to learn?

We kick start our campaign to feed your curiosity about sharks, fish, fisheries and marine conservation. Send us your burning questions to info@maralliance.org or contact us @maralliance via our social...

Our Wildlife Conservation Partners at the 2020 WCN Virtual Spring Expo

Visit us at the WCN Virtual Spring Expo and get to know many of our wildlife conservation partners. Held on 25 April, the recording of the event presentations are here:…

Jackson Wild Summit

MarAlliance was fortunate to take part in the Jackson Wild Summit, a convening of scientists, conservationists, story tellers and filmmakers held at the foothills of Wyoming’s Teton mountains. We were…

Fisheries assessment of the Guna Yala reveals possible strategies for restoring fish populations

Community based conservation is all about relationships and flexibility. And trust and connections take years to build. We have blazed into a 3rd year of working with fishers, students, and…

One Percent for the Planet

MarAlliance is a proud Nonprofit member of 1% For The Planet, the leading network connecting businesses, consumers, and nonprofits, empowering all of us to drive big, positive change.