We are hugely grateful to our many supporters.

Our international alliance of superb supporters spans many sectors and includes private donors, companies, universities and research centers, as well as governmental institutions and foundations.  Contact us to find out how you can be part of The Alliance supporting collaborative marine megafauna research and conservation.


The Whitley Fund for Nature
Adventure Travel Conservation Fund
Wildlife Conservation Network
The Oak Foundation
Nature Trust of The Americas
Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
MAR Fund
Endangered Species Chocolate
Conservation Food and Health Foundation
UNDP Small Grants Program
The Houston Zoo
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
Travel Elevates
Denver Foundation
The Coypu Foundation
The Ocean Foundation
The Summit Foundation
New England Biolabs Foundation
The Rufford Foundation
Disney Conservation Fund
Save our Seas Foundation
Code Blue Foundation
Fondation Ensemble
Zoo Conservation Outreach Group
Prince Bernhard Nature Fund
Marine Conservation Action Fund and MAR Fund
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Corporate Sponsors

World Nomads Travel Insurance
Muy Ono
RF&G Insurance
Amigos del Mar
Ramon’s Village Divers
Tropic Air