Support our efforts to protect marine megafauna in tropical seas by adopting a whale shark. Your tax-deductible symbolic adoption provides needed support to cover community-based field and tracking costs.

What a superb opportunity you have to support marine conservation by adopting a satellite tagged whale shark and living vicariously through its tracks as it pootles about the Eastern Pacific in search of food and comfortable warm water. There are multiple levels of adoption support from the Pup to the Patron, choose which suits you best. Your adoption supports our work to better understand the movements and habits of the world’s largest fish in the Eastern Pacific by covering their daily satellite tracking costs and field costs with our fisher and guide partners once travel is permitted.

We have two young male whale sharks up for adoption. They have not yet been named and are currently known as #807 and #808. Since the pandemic has put a crimp in our plans to send adoption packages we are proposing virtual adoptions at different levels of support that include:

Whale shark pup – $55
A fun personalised digital certificate of adoption with the shark’s details, a digital picture of your adopted shark and a latest cool info fact sheet on whale sharks.

Juvie whale shark – $145
All that you get with the pup and a weekly update of your shark’s location sent to your email, as long as the satellite tag remains on the shark and transmits locations.

Daddy whale shark – $525
The certificate, photo, daily updates and very cool whale shark videos and a selection of images you can use as a screensaver or Zoom virtual backdrop.

Big Momma whale shark – $975
You received everything from whale shark pup through big poppa AND a full presentation and Q&A with Dr. Rachel Graham on these wonderful animals.

Whale shark patron – $5000
Sponsor one of the satellite tagged whale sharks and name him (they are both males!) and receive all of the great benefits of all previous levels and join Dr. Rachel Graham on her boat for a four day expedition and two days in the field to meet these animals in person. All maps, news and updates will reflect the name you give him. Contact us for more details of what is included in the field trip.


Click on the donate button below and fill out the donation information and select from the pulldown menu “Adopt a shark” and specify in “Comments” which shark you wish to adopt and the name you wish to include in the Adoption Certificate. All adoptions are tax deductible donations in the US.