Marine Megafauna Monitoring – Bocas del Toro, Panamá

MarAlliance has been conducting monitoring of the marine megafauna around the Bocas del Toro archipelago to assess the diversity, relative abundance and distribution, and identify important habitats of sharks, rays, marine turtles, and large finfish that inhabit the waters around the islands.

Our field teams of local artisanal fishers Panamanian university students are trained by MarAlliance staff in data collection, species identification, and monitoring methods.

Searching for Sawfish – Panamá

Sawfishes are large rays historically found in over 70 tropical and sub-tropical countries. Due to incidental and directed capture in fisheries and loss of critical habitats, sawfish populations have declined dramatically in the last 2-3 decades. Both species encountered in Panama are now Critically Endangered to extinction.

Since 2016 MarAlliance has been carrying out a national assessment of sawfish in Panama to fill gaps in our knowledge of their historical and current populations. Through social surveys with artisanal fishers, sawfish rostra sampling, and the collection of water samples for environmental DNA analysis, we now have a better understanding of the status of sawfish in Panama and priorities for their conservation.

Niños del Mar – Panamá

Since 2017 MarAlliance has been conducting education and outreach activities in Panama, including classroom visits, interactive activities, community presentations, and participatory training workshops. Niños del Mar (‘Kids of the Sea’) is MarAlliance’s marine education program focused on primary school students.

Marine Megafauna Monitoring – Guna Yala, Panamá

MarAlliance has been working with communities in the Guna Yala Comarca to control invasive lionfish populations and assess the status of marine megafauna around the archipelago. Using Baited Remote Underwater Videos and underwater visual census our team of Guna fishers, captains, students, and biologists lead by MarAlliance staff have collected the first data on the relative abundance, diversity, and distribution of sharks, rays, and marine turtles in the Comarca.

Assessment of Fisheries Landings – Pacific Coast of Panamá

MarAlliance esta llevando a cabo un monitorio dependiente de la pesca en seis puertos a lo largo de la costa pacifica de Panamá. Datos recopilados incluyen:

  • Identificación de especie y toma de fotos
  • Mediciones de talla y peo
  • Muestra de tejido para ayudar con la identificación y analizar la conectividad genética de las poblaciones de megafauna marina.