Project Summary of the Guna Yala Fishermen Survey Panama

The Guna Yala region is an indigenous and autonomous province in Panama, inhabited and governed by the Guna people. The region is located on the Caribbean coast in the northeast of Panama and has 365 coral islands, of which 65 are inhabited. Artisanal fishing is of utmost importance as it provides one of the main food sources in addition to the economic value it brings to the region.

In the absence of scientific information on the current state of the fishery in the area, this study was conducted with the purpose of improving this deficiency and expose the problems of artisanal fishing in the interviewed communities.

The project consisted of an oral survey carried out between October 2018 and March 2019. The questions sought to create a better understanding of fishing efforts, changes in the state of fishing over time, as well as opinions about problems related to the fishing in the area and attitudes about possible solutions. Key results of the survey are below.

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