Deep-Sea Sharks Belize, Honduras

Since 2015, MarAlliance has been conducting research into the deep- sea sharks that inhabit the MesoAmerican Reef (MAR). We use a combination of scientific vertical longline and a specially-designed baited remote underwater video (BRUV) to investigate the abundance and distribution of these little-studies species in depths greater than 150 meters.

Niños del Mar Honduras

Our class based and experiential environmental education program in Honduras began in 2016 known as “Kids Meet Sharks” that focused on west Roatán to start with. By the end of 2019 we have worked with all schools in the 3 Bay Islands and other departments of Honduras. We also changed the project’s name changed to […]

Deep-Sea Fisheries MesoAmerican Region

Deep-sea fishing was established in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras at least 80 years ago, while the fishery in Belize began within the last 20 years. The barrier reef and offshore atolls of Belize are still quite productive, while the Bay Islands of Honduras are likely overfished. Fishers in Guatemala are the only in the region […]


A moratorium on fishing sharks declared in 2011 has left the country without much data on populations and distributions of sharks and rays (collectively known as elasmobranchs). Working locally with traditional fishers, coastal and indigenous communities, we focus on generating information necessary for management and decision-making through collaborative research and monitoring, capacity building, income diversification, […]