Shark Awareness Day 2022

Learn more about our work with emblematic shark species of the MesoAmerican Reef

Sharks can be found in every ocean of the planet, from the deepest depth to the shallow mangroves, and even in some rivers!

The smallest shark species only reaches less than a foot in length, while the biggest can be more than 60 feet long. The diversity of sizes, shapes, food preferences and movements of sharks means that they often occupy unique places in their respective ecosystems. Sharks are thought of as ‘indicator’ species, meaning that the health of their populations can tell us about the overall ecosystem health. 

Unfortunately, more than 1/3 of shark species are threatened with extinction, largely due to overfishing and habitat loss. At MarAlliance, we conduct participatory science working with traditional fishers, turning results into conservation and policy outcomes. We are inclusive and committed to long-term processes and sites, building local scientific capacities in coastal communities and local academia, and inspiring all sectors of society to improve marine wildlife stewardship.

Our Work With Different Shark Species