Ana Lucía

National Coordinator, Honduras

Ana Lucia studied communications and advertising, later obtaining a master’s degree in social communication. Ana has worked for more than 15 years in various branches ranging from the aviation industry to communication for development, in international and cooperation organizations in which she has developed strategies, strategic alliances, and management of social campaigns to promote issues related to gender equity, inclusion, youth employability, and human rights. In 2019, she had the opportunity to make a small change in her career, by working with MarAlliance to launch the “Lend your voice to the Shark” campaign, which aimed to reach the younger generations and make them aware of the importance of the preservation of the great marine fauna, its ecosystems and provide more information about coastal areas. It was after this experience that Ana Lucía’s desire to work more closely in the preservation of marine life increased and, above all, to ensure that people of different ages and social contexts in Honduras and the region appreciate the importance of keeping marine ecosystems healthy.