Braulio Chuc

Fisher Associate

Braulio joined the MarAlliance crew in the capacity of cook on a small project conducted in the summer of 2021. While out in the field, he wanted to see the work being conducted firsthand and decided to observe from the boat. Being a fisherman of six years, he was no stranger to the water. He joined the team on the boat during the project a number of times, learning our methodologies from the team and familiarizing himself with how we work. At the end of the project, he expressed interest in joining the team if the opportunity ever presented itself.

At the start of the 2022 field season, Braulio joined the team for expeditions and fieldwork across the country. He appreciated the group dynamic, socialized with some of our international volunteers and NGO partners, but particularly enjoyed learning to properly and safely work with and tag sharks. He expressed that he loves the work he does with MarAlliance and is eager to build his data entry skills.