Daneira Brown

Education and Outreach officer, Guna Yala

Born and raised in the Guna Yala Comarca, where she also attended primary school in Nargana, Daneira Brown had the opportunity to be closer to nature and the sea, which awakened her interest in participating in environmental education projects and marine-coastal issues, working as a volunteer in the Yauk Sabguedmala project and various educational projects. During these projects, she deepened her love for the sea and the indigenous traditions of the Guna people.

Guided by her passion for the ocean, she decided to focus her university studies on marine biology. To complete her academic training, in the year 2021, she joined as a volunteer in lecture, training, and turtle monitoring programs in the Guna Yala Comarca. This experience further renewed her devotion to the marine ecosystem and particularly, she felt attracted to the protection of sea turtles.

Today, she is actively involved in the protection and conservation of sea turtles in the Comarca Guna. Through her committed work, she seeks to contribute to the care of these species, which are so important for the marine ecosystems and for the culture of the Guna people. Her dedication and love for the sea and indigenous customs motivate her to continue fighting for the preservation of marine biodiversity and the sustainability of her community.