Francesco Garzon, MSc

Research Associate, UK

Francesco graduated with an MSci in Conservation Biology and Ecology from the University of Exeter in 2018. Although he had always had a passion for animals, it was during his time at university that Francesco truly fell in love with the marine megafauna. He was fortunate to be able to conduct his undergraduate project on his favorite animal (the manta ray) under the guidance of Dr. Lucy Hawkes, Dr. Matthew Witt and Dr. Rachel Graham. He also conducted his master’s project under their supervision, studying the nurse shark population of Belize.

Through these projects he came to know MarAlliance and identified with their vision. Francesco is now a research associate for MarAlliance and his work is primarily focused on using mathematical modeling to describe the spatial ecology of megaplanktivores, as well as of other elasmobranch species.

Francesco aims to broaden the knowledge of sharks and rays through scientific research and create information that can be used for the management and conservation of these species.