Ignacio Saint-Malo

Research Officer, Panama

Ignacio was born in Panama in 1997 and spent most of his youth near, on, or in the sea. Following his lifelong passion for the ocean, he moved to Cornwall, UK, in 2017 to undertake higher-level studies at the University of Exeter. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology and later a Master’s degree in Marine Vertebrate Ecology and Conservation. It was during this time that he developed a keen interest in the conservation of top marine predators, with a particular focus on spatial ecology and advanced mathematical modeling. He conducted his research under the supervision of well-regarded researchers such as Dr. Brendan Godley, Dr. Kylie Scales, and Dr. David March-Morla.

Identifying with MarAlliance’s vision, Ignacio moved back to Panama in 2023 to serve as the Research Officer for the country. In this role, he provides assistance in field-based work and data collection, as well as supporting the analyses and interpretation of collected data