Restoring Science, Community Engagement, and Marine Tourism at the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve

This MarAlliance led project aims to establish contemporary knowledge of large and commercially important fish, and develop a basis for scientifically informed and community-based marine wildlife encounter tourism in Belize by focusing on one of Belize’s iconic fish spawning aggregations (FSA) sites, Gladden Spit.  The project will focus on four components that include inclusive monitoring, […]

How Climate Change Plays a Role in Shaping Sea Turtle Generations

Sea turtles are among the most emblematic and charismatic marine species, which contributes to their widespread popularity. Moreover, they provide a range of ecosystem services, such as maintaining the productivity of coral reef and seagrass habitats, balancing the food chain, and transporting nutrients from the ocean to the coast. These factors make sea turtles incredibly […]

How can a partnership with a local brewery support bull shark conservation?

In the beautiful town of Playa del Carmen, located in Quintana Roo, Mexico, a collaborative conservation project is underway focusing on an amazing aggregation of female bull sharks that come ashore between October and March. This unique phenomenon, in which many of the females are believed to be pregnant and/or in late gestation, has brought […]

MarAlliance’s Metaverse Exhibit: Inspired by the Gaming World, Driving Conservation Action

This World Ocean Day, the 8th of June, get ready to dive into our Metaverse exhibit, where marine conservation meets digital innovation. Join us for an innovative experience that transcends borders and welcomes participants from around the world! As technology advances, virtual reality and the metaverse are transforming the landscape of conservation outreach around the […]

Join us at the Global Biodiversity Festival this 21st of May

We are thrilled to announce that three of our experienced team members will be presenting at the Global Biodiversity Festival this year. Through live presentations every 30 minutes, the festival will showcase the wonders of the natural world, delve into the challenges facing biodiversity, and share inspiring stories of conservation efforts. With a diverse lineup […]

MarAlliance and its marine wildlife conservation efforts in Panama.

MarAlliance signs an agreement with Panama’s Ministry of Environment to work collaboratively towards marine conservation. After five years of hard work in the conservation of marine life in Panama, last month we announced the signing of an agreement with the country’s Ministry of Environment to develop cooperative activities in various areas of research, training, and […]

How to differentiate male and female sharks

How to tell the sex of a shark? Males and females of some shark species exhibit different sizes, body shapes and skin characteristics but these traits are rarely pronounced enough to serve as useful criteria for distinguishing between the sexes. The best way to distinguish a male shark from a female shark is to look […]

A big year for shark and ray conservation

This is a big year for sharks at the COP19 in Panama, as more than 60 species are being proposed for listing on CITES.   Sharks are traded globally for their meat, fins, cartilage, and increasingly for liver oil, which is used to produce squalene for cosmetics and other uses. The trade of shark products […]