MarAlliance – Allied for Marine Wildlife

MarAlliance is a non-profit organization specialized in improving the understanding and conservation of threatened marine species and their habitats, notably sharks and rays. Our works spans oceans from Asia, to Africa and Central America. Our mission is to explore, enable and inspire positive change for threatened marine wildlife, their critical habitats and dependent human communities. We engage in participatory research, train local fishermen and local communities to obtain information on sightings of important species. We share this knowledge to many different audiences, from the youngest audiences in pre-schools all the way to politicians and other decision-makers. We inspire a sense of wonder about the ocean, to promote sustainable tourism and to foster the effectiveness of marine protected areas. We are registered in the US as 501(c)3 and in Belize as a non-profit. Video produced by Cynthia Xiu / MarAlliance. Imagery by Pete Oxford, Rachel Graham, Simon Gulak.