MarAllliance featured on CNN International



We are delighted to announce that our work understanding, monitoring and protecting marine megafauna in the MesoAmerican Reef will be broadcasted in the next CNN International Call To Earth: Protecting Nature’s Highways episode!

Nature is on the move, but natural paths are under threat… Learn more about our work and what other amazing conservation organizations such as BirdLife International do to protect wildlife and help species migrate from point A to B.

🎥 Watch it on CNN International

📅 Saturday 7/2/22
6am ET
930pm ET

📅 Sunday 7/3/22
1pm ET
830pm ET

There will also be a news package specifically about MarAlliance’s work on Thursday 30th Jun at 11.40 am approx and 3.30 pm ET approx within the CNN news shows Connect The World and Quest Means Business.

💻 You can read the full Call To Earth article here

🎥 You can watch the short MarAlliance special video here

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