MarAlliance founder Dr. Rachel Graham receives Patrick Jones-Chattanooga Zoo Conservation Award


Rachel Graham at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize

MarAlliance is pleased to announce that founder and Executive Director, Dr. Rachel Graham, received the Patrick Jones-Chattanooga Zoo Conservation Award. The award is an annual recognition by the Zoo Conservation Outreach Group (ZCOG) and the Chattanooga Zoo of excellence in wildlife conservation efforts in the Americas.

Dr. Graham received the award for her work with local fishing communities, NGOs, and local and national governments to identify threats, research needs, and conservation opportunities for marine wildlife and their critical habitats.

As part of the award, Dr. Graham will attend and present her field research efforts in Panama’s Guna Yala region at the Association of Zoos & Aquariums National Conference.

“I am deeply honored and extremely grateful for this award and look forward to presenting MarAlliance’s work with local fishing communities in Panama’s indigenous Guna Yala region at the conference,” Dr. Graham said. “It highlights our strong partnership with local communities to identify conservation opportunities for marine wildlife and responds to the needs of the communities who live among them and are the true wildlife guardians,” she continued.

The presentation will take on Sunday, September 23, 2018 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA. The session is open to all conference attendees.

ZCOG and the Friends of the Chattanooga Zoo established the Patrick Jones Chattanooga Zoo Conservation Award in 1999 honoring the memory of Patrick Jones, a longtime friend and volunteer of the Chattanooga Zoo.

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