Shell-abrating love on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the beauty of the effort required for the survival of a species. So why not make it a love-filled and educational day by learning more about sea turtles? Sea turtles are known for their long journeys across the ocean. These vast migrations take place between feeding […]

2022 in review

As we near the end of 2022, we want to share some of our highlights of this year with all of you. BELIZE We completed the National Shark, Ray and Turtle Census that included the entire Barrier Reef and Turneffe and Lighthouse Reef Atolls, and ran parallel to the Human Census. We are still analyzing […]

Major win for sharks and rays at CITES COP19

The signatory countries (parties) in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) confirmed in plenary Friday their support for listing the 19 requiem sharks and their 35 look alike species, along with the uncontested move to list all small hammerhead sharks, proposed guitarfishes and freshwater stingrays in the […]

World Manta Day 2022

Mantas have the biggest brain-to-body ratio of all fish species studied to date. In some regions, these highly intelligent and social creatures spend their days in large groups and at cleaning stations in shallow waters and then move into deeper waters at night to feed. Did you know each manta ray has an individual spot pattern […]

Whale Shark Day 2022

Are whale sharks whales or sharks? Let’s get that cleared up first and foremost, whale sharks are sharks and the largest fish that exists today. Whale sharks are harmless and the only member of the family Rhincodontidae, and are filter feeders that undertake seasonal migrations to areas with high concentrations of zooplankton. Due to the declining numbers, […]

What is a Non Detriment Finding and Why is it Important for Shark Conservation?

Like it or not, the international trade of shark and ray products is a world-wide industry. Countries that plan to export shark meat, fins, or other products are required to abide by international laws that are intended to protect species that are in danger of extinction. In some cases, a country may want to sell […]

Shark Awareness Day 2022

Shark Awareness Day 2022 Learn more about our work with emblematic shark species of the MesoAmerican Reef Sharks can be found in every ocean of the planet, from the deepest depth to the shallow mangroves, and even in some rivers! The smallest shark species only reaches less than a foot in length, while the biggest […]